Planning A Change

Hi Loyal listeners and Readers,

We appreciate your continued support in our humanitarian effort to assist everyone in their pursuit of quality in education. So, there will be adjustments to our program offering. The highlight of adjustments will be subscriber interaction and participation.

Jeffries & Company will facilitate read aloud sparingly, while providing a quarterly publication full of goodies, and including a sub-entity Known as ‘Live Too Rhyme: Edutainment Academy.’

First off, we don’t want to bore our young followers to death. And, we realize that the read a loud of textbooks is to much to ask from school age children and teenagers. So, we will have charitable book readings of various book genres.

Secondly, we have composed a system to keep readers like you informed. We’re in this to win. So, we’re providing a quarterly publication (all-in-one).  Publication will consist of spiritual scripture (biblical verse), table of contents, a letter from the creator of Jeffries & Company Est. 2005, Poets Corner (acknowledgment of legendary poet, a poem of interest, a peace from an amateur, and Live Too Rhyme: Edutainment Academy – The transformation of amateur to an actual Poet, Retail Merchandising catalog).

Lastly, Live Too Rhyme: Edutainment Academy will be the section for subscribers to acquire poetic skills and abilities. These skills consist of the ability to give all  things a written voice that can be performed in spoken Word, i.e.. current issues society is facing, changing seasons, or emotional expression.

In conclusion, you have now been informed of the projection of our business endeavor. All previous uploads will be archived. You will be able to support our efforts as we acquire proper credentials to offer the best up-to-date products and services for your edutainment interest.

The Creator,


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Newsletter-Catalog 2-21

Hi, loyal listeners and readers. Turn to scripture for supportive text and discover that there are more than 3,000 people mentioned in the Holy Bible. And, 2,000 of the 3,000 people are mentioned by their unique names.

The name Jeffrey is not one of the names mention in the Holy Bible. Though, the name is of the Christian faith. “One body with many members.” Jeffries & Company, Est. 2005 is a family and friendly organization that is of the Christian faith.

We all should be humbled by the humanitarian character that our Lord Jesus displayed. Scripture revealed that he taught sons of man to be filled with skills, intelligence, knowledge, and with all craftsmanship. Our lord’s examples of charity works inspired us to build more than a retail merchandising brand.

Jeffries & Company, Est. 2005’s triangle, square, and circle approach – symbolizes the learning of shapes. And, children have always been fascinated with studying shapes. Shapes help children identify and organize visual information. In this organization out vision is for children to use the information towards the unity of human-kindness .

Parents can expect that their children will be enlightened with more than what’s trending. From our brand that offers to read aloud correct curriculum based text covering a variety of subjects like English, math, science, and world history.

“One Body With Many Members!”

Here at Jeffries and Company, Est. 2005; Reading aloud for your educational peace of mind is what we do. Reinforcing an educational quarter system: The year is separated into quarters:

1st quarter is January thru March is and will cover the English subject. 

2nd quarter is April thru June and will cover the Math subject. 

3rd quarter is July thru September and will cover the Science subject. 

4th quarter is October thru December and will cover the World History subject. 

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Stay tuned for year round educational programming. Achieve by reading and studying with Jeffries and Company. We are here to support your educational & study needs.

Acceptance of my Bachelors of Science Degree in Liberal Studies 2/2020
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English Language Arts

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Subject: English Language Arts

Chapter: 6. Verbs and Mood


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The reading material is from: Workman Publishing Co., Inc. (2016). EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ACE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS IN ONE BIG FAT NOTEBOOK. Workman Publishing Co, Inc: NY

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