Chapter 4, Verbals

#study #tutor #achieve #read_aloud Read aloud: @writerjeffreyjr Learn more: 👉🏽 Bear witness to change! Subscribe! While you’re at it SMASH the Thumbs up, (like) the content, be a critic and leave a comment: Support by checking out brand Merchandise available at: The reading material is from: Workman Publishing Co., Inc. (2016). EVERYTHING YOUContinue reading “Chapter 4, Verbals”

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Here at Jeffries and Company, Est 2005; Reading aloud for your educational peace of mind is what I do. I am @writerjeffreyjr and I am reinforcing an educational quarter system As a husband, father, son, brother, and friend I will lead the way and read to you. My long term goals are to educate, tutor,Continue reading “Canvas Navigation”

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